Enough playing the victim card. 

On January 29-2017, a horrible act of violence was carried out. In Quebec City, PQ, suspect Alexandre Bissonnette went into a mosque and killed, in cold blood, 6 individuals injuring many others. What motivated this heinous act is unknown, but there is undoubtedly a growing unrest and resentment toward the Muslim community in Canada as our government irresponsibly lets in so many Islamic refugees, even when other countries, who have shown the same hospitality toward these people, have experienced acts of rape and violence from them, and because of the controversial nature of this ideology. But not all Muslims are refugees and some are as white as I am, so the refugee debate is not fully the issue at hand, and it certainly isn’t racial.  No doubt, Islam is a highly controversial religion, and its beginnings have roots in violence, and many have acted disdainfully while taking its name upon their lips, but there are Christians who have behaved disdainfully in the name of our God and those who do not behave so abhorrently  certainly do not like to be broadly painted.  So shouldn’t we extend the same courtesy to the people our Prime Minister has thrown our doors open to, and all those who identify with the Islamic faith!? After all, as Christians we care about careful thinking and not making hasty/sweeping generalizations based on a small sample size. 

Absolutely, this act was abhorrent and the preferable way to resolve matters of religious controversy is in the arena of debate, not gunfire.  This recent event is not about any specific group against Muslims, this is about this ideology being immune from criticism when its recent acts of violence are so closely associated with Qur’anic prescriptions, and it it is odd the tables are being turned against western critics of Islam, and those who silence western critics do not see they are wielding a double-edged sword.

The Edmonton Sun, a right wing newspaper, published a mini column with the words of Imam Zia Khan, of the centre for Islamic Development in Halifax NS, voicing his concerns, asking, “What’s the next mosque? It’s not a good feeling, it’s a feeling of the unknown!” Now, this article exclaims, this shooting has sparked unrest in what is a minority Muslim community and Canadian, as well as US, Muslims are scared about what is next as hate speech escalates into violence. 

“Hate speech,” at last, we are recognizing the power of words and ideas and how they can influence people’s actions. Why is it that the truth, of ideas having consequences, becomes so obvious when it is a white male lashing out inappropriately in affiliation with “hate speech” causing many in the religion of peace to be fearful of this sort of thing being carried out on them again, while those who criticize Islam raising legitimate concerns about some of its teachings and actions are silenced with accusations of bigotry…islamophobia, and other forms of playground style name calling, without responding to the salient points!?  All this and our Prime Minister is passing laws making illegal any criticism of Islam, with cover all hate speech laws, whatever that means, giving Islam a free pass while other world views are hushed and marginalized. 

Islamic apologists need to come out and meaningfully renounce actions so closely associated with the religion of peace, instead of being experts at playing the victim when they experience backlash, while critics of Islam need to be more outspoken and well versed in its teaching, so criticism can be meaningful and not build on needless vitriol. 

Are those who question Islam, and other dangerous ideologies, going to be labelled as propagators of hate, while we protect Islam in the name of tolerance, just because it is closely associated with a culture!? Are we so afraid of being labelled racist, that we give, potentially, bad ideas a free pass, in a society which once valued critical thinking!?

Total tolerance is quickly collapsing into intolerance. 

For those who want to specifically know what my concern is with Islam, click here.

Not that I agree with Paul Joseph Watson on everything, or with infowars, but this is very important and Islamic apologists and the left need to respond to this. 


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