A recipe for making atheists. 

How to make a Christian become an Atheist: By John Byrne. 

1. Teach them bad theology.

2. Don’t teach apologetics.

3. Teach that faith is believing without evidence.

4. Teach them that God is like a Genie in a bottle who will give you whatever you ask for.

5. Teach them suffering only comes to those who don’t have enough faith.

6. Teach some kind of veiled works based doctrine.

7. Emphasize love, mercy, and acceptance while ignoring God as holy, just, and righteous.

8. Teach moralistic therapeutic deism (to borrow from Christian Smith).

9. Pretend you don’t need forgiveness and redemption.

10. Don’t teach them about sin.

4 thoughts on “A recipe for making atheists. 

  1. @RBiakpara You’ve made a false dichotomy. Complexity doesn’t equal proof or disproof of intelligent design. In fact, it is order which is a better argument than complexity.


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