LOOK! A squirrel!

   Avoid thee these fallacies! Colin Burgess  Debate is fun, it is educational; debate is the crucible in which ideas are tested. However, when debating, online or in person, we tend to get caught up in emotion and are more committed to our ideas than to truth. I thought I would compose a list of fallacies we should avoid stepping in, or to look out for in our opponents arguments. These are known as “fallacies of relevance.” The golden rule of apologetics or in any discussion is to do unto other arguments as we would have others do unto ours. … Continue reading LOOK! A squirrel!

Book Review

   Book Review – How to find a Habitable Planet.Colin Burgess. James Kasting is an American geoscientist and a distinguished professor at Penn State University. Kastings was educated at Harvard University and the university of Michigan, where he earned his Ph.d. He has published numerous papers and uses his experience and background as a professor and an environmentalist to write, “How to find a habitable planet.” In this book he discusses the conditions necessary to support life in our universe and solar system. In this book, Kastings does not seem concerned whether or not life actually exists on other worlds, … Continue reading Book Review